Alexis Anjomshoaa


Brandon Brown

Alexis Anjomshoaa and Brandon Brown

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Our Story

While studying for her Masters degree at University of Hawaii Manoa, Alexis was living and working in Waikiki. When her best friend Libby (originally from Alabama) visited her, they thought it would be fun to visit the local country bar Nashville's Waikiki. That night Alexis met a handsome sailor named Brandon and they spent the whole night dancing away... However Brandon deployed shortly after their meeting and Alexis continued with her studies. A year later when Brandon returned and reached out to Alexis the spark was still there! Ever since then, Brandon and Alexis have been on adventures across the islands and world together... They are excited to share the beginning of their family with you! Come talk story, dance, eat and laugh with a bunch of Texans, Persians, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Hawaiians, Sailors and Angelinos... It will be an unforgettable night!